A Life of Black and White

Image Courtesy: footage.shutterstock.com

The rain fell outside – faster and faster.

And I started to shiver.

All of the laughter

Had long faded into a quiet river

Of silence.

She clicked on the radio

And it only talked about violence.

So she turned it off and walked over to the patio.

My life has always been full of color and light.

There are no greys.

But my sister lives a life of black and white.

The color is gone from her sight, every day.

I’ll sob on my sister’s behalf

Since her life has always been black and white.

Though, I see in color and laugh:

She sees nothing but dark and light.

She has so much to discover.

Sometimes I cry

And tell her I feel sorry for her.

She’ll ask me why.

And I’ll say, “Because everything is a shade of grey to you, don’t you concur?”

“No,” her voice is calm, “Being color-blind only means I see life in a different color-

Not that I see no color at all.”


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