Daily Tip: Day 20: Living on Sunshine

Image Courtesy: dihoff.co.rs

Daily Tip: If you want to feel like you’re living on sunshine – then laugh often, forgive often, trust often, experience life often.

Yeah, pretty common stuff right?  But the common things are what make up life.  Sure – you can have the extraordinary but life is an ordinary thing.  So fill it with more of the same: with laughter, forgiveness, trust and experience.

I had the privilege to go to a conference over the weekend and I learned so much – life is not about us it’s about others.  It’s about the small things and finding miracles in every day things.  So from now on: no more living in the night for me.  I’m all about the Sunshine.  Try it… and you’ll find that with the Sunshine all shadows, grief, heaviness, pain, sorrow, longing and darkness leave you.  Just laugh, forgive, trust and experience: it’ll change your life.

It’s a big world so never lose sight of the ordinary things: because those things make all the difference.


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