Why People Watch Hockey

Image Courtesy: womenshockeylife.com


When I was growing up my siblings would sit down and watch hockey with my father and my mother would fold laundry and watch it too.  But I – I never took to it.  Even so, it hit me today why people watch it.  Here are a few reasons I thought of:

1. You enjoy getting your adrenaline raised and lowered dramatically fast

2. It’s something to look forward to

3. You can cheer and be obnoxiously loud without people noticing you

4. You have to pay close attention or else you’ll miss where the puck is

5. It’s family fun and oriented

6. They always trade your favorite players

7. Your team only scores when you leave the room

8. It’s a good conversation starter

9. The power-plays are nerve-racking

10. The fights are amazing

Yeah, that’s what I thought of.  Hockey is an awesome sport and I honestly respect it – but I don’t understand it.  The people and players are tremendously talented to be able to do what they do… but football just makes more sense to me.  Sorry if I missed the reason that you like hockey (comment below if I did).


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