Daily Tip: Day 19: Like a Champion

image courtesy: beckahshae.com


Daily Tip: A champion is not a person who never loses, they are a person who loses and keeps on going.

A while ago I had to write a paper and I was told to redo it.  It was a time when I had gotten knocked down and I felt like I didn’t want to get back up – but I realized that I was having an awful attitude about it.  I should be grateful that someone took the time to tell me what I had done wrong, who hadn’t lied to me: who was seeking to make me stronger, smarter, better.  So now I realize that I might have lost but I have to keep on going if I’m ever going to be a champion.

This can be you too… whenever something goes wrong keep on going, “Even when I want to quit, I just keep on pushing it.  Determined to make a hit, I just keep on aiming to win.  Like a champion.” (lyrics from Beckah Shae song “Champion”).  In this big world keep aiming: because one time you will get it right.


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