Daily Tip: Day 18: This is Life

Image coutesy: facebook.com/pages/Caleb-Grimm/156380961090906


Daily Tip: Being productive is not always shown through getting things done faster than others.

The teacher walked down a line of students.  She had asked one simple question: how much did you get done.  Tommy said, “I read the whole chapter.”  Susie said, “I spent fifteen minutes reading.”

The teacher laughed and looked at Tommy, “How long did it take you to read?”

Tommy laughed and said, “Five minutes…”

You see – it is far better to be Susie in this situation.  It is far better to spend more time doing something and really understand it – than to get it done in five minutes and not understand or retain anything from it.  So the next time you see someone getting things done faster  than you – don’t look down at your coffee cup and feel ashamed, instead realize that the word productive looks different for everyone.

There are infinite possibilities so never give up, never stop trying to get things done.  It doesn’t matter how slow or fast you go as long as you get it done.


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