Daily Tip: Day 17: Be Different.

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Daily Tip: Be different and don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

I’ve seen too many people back down from speaking their beliefs.  We do still have freedom of speech right?!!  Last I checked, we did.  So don’t be afraid to use it.  You are entitled to your views and opinions on everything so don’t feel like you have to conform to your friends, your classmates, your co-workers or even your families views.  You can have your own opinions.

Even if those opinions make you different: you still should stand up for, and say what you believe.

When people judge you for what you say or what you believe: know that their opinion doesn’t matter.  If they don’t care what you think about them, then you shouldn’t care what they think about you.  Yeah, it’s hard.  I get it and I know it.  I’m one of those people who could be called a wallflower I stand at the edge of the party, I say nothing.  But I should.  I shouldn’t conform to the crowd.

So in this big world don’t get lost in the enormity of everyone else and what they believe.  Instead tell them what you think and what you believe.  Stand up, be different.  Dare you to… and you’ll find you’re stronger than you ever knew.


2 thoughts on “Daily Tip: Day 17: Be Different.

  1. Wise words, great ideas. We should always speak our truth. Others don’t decide about what we think, and we shouldn’t let them do so. It’s not always easy to say things we believe in but it’s so good to be able to be who we are, despite what others may think of us.
    Keep it up!


    1. Thank you for your comments and the time that you take to read what I have written it means the world – and I find that too many people are pushed into fear about what they believe and that fear just makes my heart cry: people need to say what’s on their minds.


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