The Vow

Image Courtesy: Kyle Kupecky


Love.  It is this feeling deep inside.

It will grab my hand and twirl me around:

You see, it will not subside.

It will never end.  It will always abound.

He will ask my father.

And my father will give him permission.

Then – I’ll feel as happy as a bird and as light as a feather.

This love is a never-ending mission.

My mother will help pick my dress.

My sister will be my bridesmaid –

And my father will hold my hand as we walk down the isle.  He will bless

Me and my fiance.  I can’t deny that I cried

While writing this.  I’m so afraid

That when I grow up there will be no man

Who loves Him or respects me or can come to my aid.

I’m afraid there will be no one who can

Give me the world.

But I’ll hold on.

Because I’m not afraid to wait.

I’m not afraid to trust.

I’m not afraid to have my father’s blessing.

I’m not afraid to do it right.

I’m not afraid to wait for

The Vow.


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