Daily Tip: Day 14: Keep On Fighting.

Image Courtesy: favim.com

Daily Tip: Never stop fighting for what you want.

I was thirteen.  Young, naive, foolish: but trying my hardest.  And this was my first novel: see I was only in eighth grade.  It was 200 single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font pages.  And it consisted of 131,514 words.  Yes!  I had tried and I thought that story would change the world… but then I realized that in fictional dialogue every person who speaks is given a separate paragraph (to eliminate confusion).  That information wrecked my happy dreams.  I would and still am continuing to write and every character has their own paragraph… but it still is not quite the same.

Rick Riordan put it this way, “Write because you want to, not because you have to.”  He said this too, “Wallpaper your room with rejection letters, if you want to.  But don’t give up.”  And so I haven’t.  I never will.  Writing (or whatever your dream is) should be done because you want to do it – not because someone makes you.

I remember a long time ago my sibling told me that I shouldn’t try to be a writer – because it was hard, burdensome, and unsatisfying.  Their main concern for me was that it would never, ever support me.  And they’re right, writing probably never will support me.  Even so, the words were so insightful.  This is what I took from them:

                      Chase your dream.  And don’t be disappointed if you don’t get trough the first time.  Keep on fighting, just know that your dream may never support you in this world.

So even if your dreams are small – there are infinite possibilities so never lose track, because success is always right around the corner.



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