Being Thankful

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Chances are you will sit around a table, with good food, with family, with laughter, with love and hope today.  It’s Easter after all – but some people will be alone.  They’ll have no one and nothing.  So when you go to sit down at the table, when you put that food in your mouth: be thankful for what you have and stop thinking about all the things that you could have, the money that you could’ve made, the car you could have bought, the love you could have had: be thankful for what you have.

If you think about what you don’t have then you won’t ever have enough.  There will always be a second chance you could have given (or taken), there will always be that extra mile that you could have walked: but you didn’t.  All those what if’s you need to let go of.  Today, its Easter.  Be happy, be thankful: but never forget the person who gave you a second chance.

Surround yourself with what you have and stop thinking about what you don’t have.  There are infinite possibilities so be thankful.


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