Your Focus

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If life is like a camera: then my camera is small, the film is falling out and ripped.  I’ve tried to focus on what’s important but the world makes too many things important and I cannot focus.  Yes, life is a camera.  But all cameras take different means to focus so that the picture comes up clear.

How do you focus on what’s important?  There are so many things.  And sometimes I – I just want to let everything go blurry.  I think it isn’t worth it to try to focus the camera of my life.  I want to give up.  Stop trying to get all of the film developed: but then something will happen, I’ll get something else to focus on.  And I’ll have a new purpose.

So you need to know, too, that life will give you new things to focus on.  New things to look at and capture.  Life will provide you with new opportunities that take your breath away: and you will want to capture them.  Never give up just because something is blurry or your dreams are too far away: keep on trying to get them in focus.  Everyone has bad days, and batteries that run out and cameras that just… don’t focus sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that our cameras won’t ever focus again – it simply means we have to try harder.

If you focus on what’s important, you’ll get capture it perfectly.


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