The REAL Life

ImageCouldn’t have said it better.  However, wherever you are reading this: know that I don’t have anything against electronics.  I just… well, I view it this way:

“Grandma,” Celia’s voice was quiet in the sunlight.  The Alabama sky stretched over her as she looked to her grandmother who was on her hands and knees, weeding a flower bed.

“Yes, child.”  Her grandmother sat back to look at her.

A lump caught in the girls throat.  She didn’t know how to say this.  “Granny,” she managed.  “I got invited to go over to Jaida’s house.”  Her grandmother thought that friends were noneducational and that Celia would benefit more from spending time with Austen, Dickens, Homer and Dumas.  Which might have been true.  Celia knew her grandmother still held tight to how she had been raised.  Even so, technology was slowly creeping into her life.  Celia had noticed it, too.  She spent less and less time with Granny outside and more time inside on her phone playing games, texting her friends.  But one day… one day Granny would be gone and then Celia would feel guilty.: because she had let technology take her away from Granny.  And the world had taken Granny.

That’s how I see it.  People let things take them away from their family.  They think of Apple and Blackberry as technological devices, not healthy, wholesome fruits.  Yes, I think technology takes our time but only if we let it.

So I have made a point to spend time with my family: before they’re gone.



5 thoughts on “The REAL Life

  1. The big old houses built 200 years ago contaed 3 generations and their families. Not that I would want to live in the same house with a mother in law, but that’s the way it was done. My kids are in different states, my sister is all the way across the country and technology is all that connects us. In the process of living a technological lifestyle, we’ve traded family for technological fruit.


    1. True. Technology can be super helpful. My siblings are studying abroad and it’s the only way I talk to them. But sometimes – just a little bit – I feel like teenagers and some adults lives are all technology. Don’t you?


      1. Yes, absolutely. I dread the day with the technology is interfaced into our brains. All that has to happen is for the wrong person to have access and certain factions of society could be eliminated all at once. I am greatly concerned for the future of our grandchildren and great grandchildren.


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