Daily Tip: Day 12: You Are

Image Courtesy: anthemlights.com

Daily Tip: You are loved.

This is simple.  It’s not complicated (so don’t make it).  You are loved, you are worth it, you are strong, you are beautiful, you are smart, you are kind, you are generous, you are enough.  You are.

I told myself I would not post something on Good Friday… I wouldn’t want to turn people away from why it is good.  But I ended up wanting to get the message out to people that He would never have died if they, if we, if you weren’t good enough.  Or if we weren’t worth it.  But we are.  The power in His final breath is enough to save us all.  No matter what you believe: you are loved.  And you are… enough.

This is different from any other daily tip I’ve done so far.  It’s about self-worth not about self-improvement (though they can be confused).  Even so, people need to know the truth.  Even if it’s in something as simple as this.  People tell themselves lies and in this post I want to deny that those lies have  ever existed: I want to tell people that they are enough.  Tell them that someone always loves them.

This big world tries to tell us different things.  Stand apart, stand tall (even stand alone if you have to): just believe that you are…


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