Daily Tip: Day 11: This life…

Image Courtesy: wordsonimages.com

Daily Tip: Tell people how you feel.

His words were a whisper in my ear, “You have to understand.  I just can’t tell you right now.”

And those words ripped the heart out of my soul.  What did that mean?  If he loved me, if he missed me, if he wanted to end this agony: why wouldn’t he just say it?

That’s everyone’s life in a nutshell.  We experience things that we don’t tell anyone.  We miss people and need them: but we don’t tell them because of our pride.  Our pride blinds us and holds us captive.  Whenever you feel something, miss someone, think of them: remind them.  And let go of your pride.

It’s a big world so never cease to let the small community around you know the magnitude of your care.





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