Daily Tip: Day 10: A Hug For Your Troubles….?

Image Courtesy: 1girlnation.com


Daily Tip: Spread love, affection, compassion and understanding wherever you go.

They walked out the door.  And the last words I had spoken to them were a yell… it hit me as I walked up the stairs that if I never saw them again: our goodbye would have been in anger.

But, I did see them again.  Even so: they didn’t leave me happy.  They left me distraught and angry.  I’ve forgotten to spread love to the people around me.  I want them to see me with a smile on my face, understanding in my heart, compassion in my voice: I want to spread the truth in love.

You can do it too.  Don’t let someone leave you in anger.  Instead, try to hold back that anger and replace it with happiness.  Works for me.  So it can work for you.

It’s a big world and our dreams are small: but never forget that love is the biggest thing ever.  Give someone a hug for their troubles.


2 thoughts on “Daily Tip: Day 10: A Hug For Your Troubles….?

  1. Very well said. We should always think that we might see the people we love for the last time. Sending smiles and love is a nice way to say hello and goodbye. And whenever we feel angry or bad, let’s turn towards what’s inside us, let’s breath and transform the pain or sadness into love.


    1. I’ve learned that it’s a good way to live, and I couldn’t benefit more from showing kindness to more people. Thank you for your comment, I am going to aspire to breathe the pain and sadness into love now!


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