Daily Tip: Day 9: Time… To Stop The Clock

Image Courtesy: walipaper.com

Daily Tip: Don’t waste time.  Plan effectively and find that the results are truthfully relieving.

He said, “You will be given twenty-four hours to do as much as possible.”

And now I’m going back to tell him… I haven’t done much because I don’t know how to plan.  Tough luck for me, huh?  Either way each and every day we are given time: second upon second, minute upon minute and then hour upon hour.  At the end of the day, what do we have to show?  Don’t be like me… do more, plan better, don’t wait until the last second.

There are infinite possibilities so don’t sit in the corner and cry, saying, “I didn’t have enough time.”  Because the time is given to us (adequately) we just need to figure out what to do with it.



16 thoughts on “Daily Tip: Day 9: Time… To Stop The Clock

  1. That’s truly great advice! At the end of day it is important to know that not only we’ve accomplished what we had planned but to know that we made a difference – even if it’s a small one 🙂


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