Daily Tip: Day 8: Everyone Is Blind.

Image Courtesy: pintrest.com

Daily Tip: You never know everything about any given situation, don’t jump to conclusions – because you can’t see on the inside.

Recording artist Kyle Kupecky wrote an amazing, inspirational song that talked about this.  He posted something on Facebook saying that his song On The Inside had kept someone from committing suicide.  Whoever that person was, they were touched because they knew that Someone saw who they really were.

I’ve had days when I feel like no one sees and no one understands: but there is always Someone who will love and care about me.  I know that Someone always sees me on the inside.  And They will never leave.

When you see someone revolting, being disrespectful, swearing, breaking down: don’t judge.  You never know what they have been through.  Don’t turn a blind eye to them: help them.  Help people see that there will always be someone who cares about them.

It’s a big world so never stop looking for the lost people around you: never judge them, always help, always love.

Maybe this song will inspire you, check the lyric video out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzgZLShbWQc



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