Daily Tip: Day 7: Go outside!

Image Courtesy: My sister… no kidding.


Daily Tip: Go outside.  See the world.

Today, for the first time since the winter, I went outside.  Went walking, sat down in the grass, walked my dog, looked out the window and killed some bugs that were pestering me: and it is the life.  Don’t let yourself get too connected to inside air-conditioned life.  Go outside: start a garden, plant flowers, play a game, sit in silence, read a book, blog on your electronic device.

Don’t turn into Bella Swan (even if you’re a Twihard).  Make sure you go outside and have fun.  The woods, the nature, the mountains and the fresh air hold more than the inside.  And yes, I am a Twilight fan.  But that’s beside the point.

Have fun outside – like me – and go on an adventure!   It’s a big world so don’t stay in your small one!


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