Daily Tip: Day 6: Fashion… Disaster

Image Courtesy: monologging.org

Daily Tip: Fashion is looking nice, not wearing the latest clothes that show off who you are.  And what you look like…

Maybe people appreciate fashion because they want to look good and keep up with style, which makes perfect sense.  But so many girls try to exploit who they are…. they flaunt themselves.  And people end up chasing things that were never meant to be chased.  Fashion is a lovely thing but people try to make it something that it was never supposed to be.

Let me explain: see the following:

Image courtesy: francescamusic.com

I think it’s fairly obvious the difference between the picture on the left and the right.  The picture on the left (Francesca Battistelli) is much more conservative while still holding the same amount of fashion as the one on the left.  Although the frills and things may be less: she still looks fashionable.  Sherri Hill, does do an amazing job designing these dresses but I will say that the one on the right is the right choice as far as conservation and exploitation go.

Think about it this way, because there are infinite possibilities


what you wear
Image Courtesy: 1girlnation.com



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