Daily Tip: Day 5: #SocialMedia



Daily Tip: Take time away from your social media.

It’s soooo important to us now, isn’t it?  We get in the car: we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… doing what we really don’t notice: shutting the world out and creating a world for us to live in.  It may be easy to check out of conversations and activities by just pressing a simple power button, but we need to resist that urge.  The people that are in your real life care more about you than the people in your social media life.  Trust me.  Your family and friends (in life) will give you more things than the people who liked your post on Instagram will.  Think about it.

At the end of the day if all you’ve done is like pictures: there’s something wrong.  It’s a big world don’t make it about you and your social media: make it about your family.  Stay off of #SocialMedia as much as you can because it’s a world that has been generated purely for entertainment, not for endurance.


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