Daily Tip: Day 2: The Effect

Image Courtesy: merchantcircle.com


Daily Tip: To make a room seem brighter, bigger, happier and more inviting give it the effect

In movies we see plants all the time and in advertising or in office building foyers: and they welcome us.  The same would be true if you were to put plants on your back porch, front porch, kitchen, living room, bathroom etc.  To get the plant affect – simply place a plant somewhere and watch the space come to life.

I haven’t ever had plants in my house.  It may seem odd, but I haven’t.  I know it would make the space seem more welcoming but sometimes plants just don’t seem to fit in a space.  And if they don’t…. then you simply resort to the photography affect.

Oil painting by: Claude Monte
Image Courtesy: wikipaintings.org

There was an article in Reader’s Digest about how painters think to paint ordinary people – make that true for you, too.  Maybe your space is ordinary but make it something beautiful by giving it a piece of art.

These two tips are simple ways to open up a space and invite people in: it’s a big world so never lose sight of small ways to improve.


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