Daily Tip: Day 1: The American.

Image Courtesy: loc.gov


Tip: Be more involved in politics and the world around you.

Know what is happening in your world – know the current events.  And, no, I’m not talking about you checking the celebrity blurb on some news website or on your phone: I’m saying know what the President is doing, know what is happening in the world around you – not just what’s happening in your backyard. 

News and knowing the stand to take is super important today.  Most of the time I’ll ask people what they think about something and they’ll shrug, “Don’t know.  Don’t care.”  DO not be like that.  Make it your job to care.  The world needs more people who care, more people who know what they’re talking about.  Don’t just oppose regulations – if you do oppose them – know why you do.  And if you becomingly embrace them know why. 

People come up to me and ask me my opinion and sometimes I don’t know anything.   I just know what I believe – don’t be like that.  Know your stuff, know all the facts not just the case.  It’ll make you a lot more prepared  to give an answer to someone who challenges you.

Open your view, watch news channels that hold different sides of the story.  For example, watch FOX news and CNN to get a complete understanding of a current issue.  Try to avoid bias (if you can).  Bias makes for a very unattractive person… so know how to break your opinion without hating on people who do not agree with you. 

All in all: widen your view, it’s a big world, there is more happening than you think.


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