You Know That Time When…?

What we leave behind

You know that time when when you feel like everything is going wrong?  And you can’t find a breakthrough… I’m not having one of those days.  But I am having a day where I can’t think of anything to write about.  It’s like my mind is a blind canvas that fills this screen – it’s like I have nothing to share with this big ol’ world.

So I’m just going to say that on the days when it seems that we can’t get a break: it’s OKAY.  Life goes on and it’ll be fine.  We’ll make it through the nervous auditions, the day we get fired, the day we fail our driving test, the day our coffee spills, the day all we do is argue, the time when we can’t get a paper finished, the day we forget to pay our parking ticket, when our car breaks down, when the money runs out, when love seems gone, the day that we want to give up: we’ll make it.

I may have nothing to write about today: but tomorrow I will.  I’ll be inspired because in this world there are infinite things to do.  The world is so big that it never runs out.  Our dreams are a small spectrum of who we are, but we need to chase them even if they seem like they’re going nowhere.  Don’t let problems take over your life – because they’ll just wreck you.  Don’t get down on  yourself when you don’t meet your goals.  Instead just try a little harder next time.

Try over and over again because we all know that time when nothing is going right and we have to remember that there are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.



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