Ideal Beauty

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Cora dress 15First off – these dresses are magnificent.  The designs and details are beautiful… and that’s not what this post is about.  This post is about the models in these pictures.  They are beautiful – and that’s not the problem.  The issue is that they are made to look this way.  Their natural beauty is almost (guaranteed) to be flaunted with an attempt to make them more attractive, eye-catching, and perfect.  When girls look at these pictures they make assumptions about themselves. “I’m fat, ugly, imperfect…I’ll never look like these girls do.”  And most girls won’t ever look like these girls because so much has been done to them.  The pictures in magazines are such a distorted version of true beauty.

The next time you look through a magazine remember these words: true beauty is found on the inside, not the outside.  And even if true beauty was found on the outside: it wouldn’t look like those models.

Check out this video:

And if you have even a minute go a step further and read Proverbs 31… if you’re feelin’ down it’ll make you feel beautiful (  I don’t have to Believe in order to know that beauty isn’t found in lies or covers of a magazine: it’s found on the inside.


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