How To Be: Happy

Self doubt.... uninstalling
Image Courtesy: Somewhere on Facebook…

We see it… every…. single….day: people who think that they can buy happiness.  So I’ma put your worries to rest – you cannot buy it.  You cannot label it.  It’s not a #money thing.  It’s not even, “I need fame and then I’ll be happy,” sort of thing.  Happiness can’t be put in a bottle and stored on a shelf.  No, happiness cannot be purchased bought or sold through any means.

So I’m going to tell you how you can be happy.  Find what you like to do – and what you’re good at.  Maybe it’s cooking (, maybe it’s working in the law or maybe it’s accounting… I have no idea what it is.  But find it.  And go after it.

After that maybe you put your money together: but you believe in yourself.  Believe in yourself and in your family and friends – believe that things will go right and you’ll be happy.  Look for blessings and not the wrongdoings and it’ll boost your morale… trust me I know.

And most of all: never, ever believe what you hear on social media.  Although social media is an amazing way to stay connected it can also deceive.  Because people put their best food forward.  So, don’t envy what others have because you have the same thing.

And most of all: trust yourself.  Unload your self-doubt.  Trust me…. it’ll do loads for you.

Stay happy because there are infinite possibilities.


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