The truth…


Where to begin… all I know is that the people we see in our daily lives have a huge impact on us.  Even if we just see them for a few seconds or if their words are just a line of hate…. they impact us.  Take this for example,

Dara flipped through her magazine and crossed her legs – the airport was noisy, it was bothersome and most of all she couldn’t shake the feeling that the thinner, prettier lady standing across the room was staring at her.  Dara couldn’t focus: not with that lady watching her every move.  So she stood up, threw her magazine on her seat and stormed over to the lady.  “I would appreciate if you stopped – staring at me.”  Dara crossed her arms and tapped her foot. 

The lady let a smile cross her face, “Sorry.  I get that a lot.  I just… it’s just you’re so beautiful.” 

Dara let that sink in – let it sink in good.  This was the girl that had been profusely glaring at her and now the same girl was saying she was beautiful? 

“Hasn’t someone ever told you that before?”  The woman asked softly.  Dara just shook her head. “Well, as a celebrity makeup artist, I’m telling you now……”

That is just the beginning.  We see people all the time and we think their looks or their out-of-context words should mean the world.  They shouldn’t.  Don’t be like Dara – don’t assume something about a person until you know the truth about what they really think… Not that I would suggest walking up to someone and ask them to stop staring at you – but you get the point.


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