Nothing is Impossible



Well, Audrey Hepburn – first off – provides so much wisdom through this quote.  I’ve found so much truth in it since I heard it awhile ago.  So, I decided to write about it.  I guess all I really have to say is: this quote is the truth.  The absolute, blind truth.  Nothing is impossible if we put our minds to it.   Our dreams exist so vibrantly in this world and they are possible if we have a little (or sometimes a lot) of faith.   Set your aim higher in case it falls short… always, always aim higher just… in case you fall short.  Don’t ever let someone get you down and don’t ever give up (   Giving up is useless… it proves nothing except that you think you’re not good enough.  But you are.  And your dreams are always possible.  And this is what you should do: aim higher just in case you fall down.  Wherever you aim: aim higher.  I have no idea what your dream is but never stop chasing it until it comes true.  I haven’t stopped chasing mine and I’ll never stop because I have a lot of faith that it will come to pass if it is His will.  So aim… and pray, have faith: your dream will come true.  And another picture (just for fun):

dream is a wish....

So follow that wish until your heart is satisfied.


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