Never Give Up


I LOVE this picture.  Amongst my travels (is Google travel a thing….???) I found this.  I first saw it in a lyric video of an artist that I listen to on a daily basis and then I found it myself…. the rest is history.  So, I reaized that people give up a lot – in fact people just stop trying altogether.  If we stopped every time something went wrong, every time a hardship came about: we would be no where.  Think about it:

Where would America be if hard working citizens did not commit to their jobs?  What would that local business be without late hours and a few strings that were pulled and burned??  What would a local school be without teachers who worked and worked to get students to understand?  What is a family without work?  What is a diet without endurance?  What does it mean to fail?  And what does it mean to succeed?

Failure (as defined by my handy-dandy Google travels): lack of success, the omission of expected or required action.

Success (as defined by G.T.): the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

So let me wrap it up simple: failure is never a person EVER.  No one is a failure, no one is a lack of success.  And success is never defined as crossing the finish line first, or being the thinnest, or being the prettiest, or the strongest, or the smartest: success is what you make it.  DO NOT GIVE UP.


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