It’s a great word.  A word that means so much.  And I love it – no pun intended.  Sometimes we get caught up in ourselves and we forget what that word means.  We forget that it holds obligation, truth, investment, honesty, integrity.    We forget that it is what holds us together and keeps us sane.  Let me put it this way:

Her key didn’t fit in the lock.  In fact, it never did.  She always had to jam it in, force it to turn and then yank the door for it to open.  Her name was Bianca Everly – a special name, maybe, but to her it was her.  Never mind that the people’s voices on the answering machine never pronounced it right, or that her boss called her Bianca Every: life was just one misunderstanding, hardship, complication after another.

Once inside, Bianca threw the mail onto the counter, tripped over her kitchen chair that had overturned earlier in the morning and stumbled over to where the light fixture was on the other side of the kitchen – not where it should have been beside the door.  Did it even matter? that the key did not fit in the lock, that her boss called her Bianca Every, that the voices on the answering machine all said her name wrong, that the light fixture was not where it should be, that there was a small bruise on her knee from where she had tripped?

She decided it didn’t.  She decided it didn’t because once she saw his face… love washed out all other worries.  It held her together and wrapped her in an embrace.  And in the silence of her worry she whispered three little words, “I love you.”

LOVE. I cannot hold it in – so the bold italicized word is me screaming at the top of my lungs the word LOVEIt changes so much in our day.  It is a face of someone we hold dear, it is a comforting voice when we need consolation.  Think about it today.  Think about all the ways love is in your life.  And think about how you are love to others around you.  Realize, like Bianca, that the small things disappear when you realize how blessed you are to have love in your life.

With all my love, Sarah Magnolia


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