The Strongest Friend

We all have friends, the people we meet at a coffee shop, people we meet when we go shopping, people we meet when we go to buy groceries, people we meet when we go to the library they are all our friends…. every single one of them.  The people who will come into our lives right when we need them.

The strongest friends are the ones who are in our lives…. and they will remain our strongest friends even when they leave.  Even when people move to Florida, even when the door seems to close on a friendship: friends live inside our hearts forever.  So never despair, friends live everywhere even if it isn’t next door and even when the door is closed.


5 thoughts on “The Strongest Friend

  1. I have friends like that, too. One of my friends for over 20 years ago met me 2 hours from her home when I traveled from Florida to California. It was as if we’d never been apart.


    1. Really?! That’s amazing! I hope that the same thing happens with me and my friend… that it seems as if nothing has changed. Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to keep your experience in mind!


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