The Mist

Mist by Taylor Leopold

Picture Taken By: Taylor Leopold


I saw it for a minute.

Existing in name only,

Taunting me to come after it.

Pushing my feet closer to the boundary.

The water played with my mind,

The mist took over every part.

I looked harder – but was blind.

I stood taller – but was too short.

Yes, the mist is deceiving.

It pulls you out to sea,

It leaves you wishing,

That you never saw what you see.

Child’s Play



Their job is to fly on swings

And firefly wings.

They have no purpose crying,

Or lying.

Children should read Madeline

And be full of adrenaline.

They have no purpose fighting battles

Or climbing hurdles.

They deserve children’s play

And dreams all day.

They deserve life’s fairytale untainted

Till the last.


Restless by Jan Erik

Picture Taken By: Jan Erik


It pounds in my mind,

Like waves against cliffs.

It crosses every line,

Like water at a rift.

It comes and goes,

Like the wind and the tide.

It cries and laughs,

Like snapping wind.

Love is restless.

A World of Books

Books by Patrick Goethe

Picture Taken by: Patrick Goethe

Spinal infinity,

Paper cuts of eloquence,

Worlds outside my vicinity,

Knowledge that’s tenebrous:

I’ve found these in my world of books.

You can call me outlandish,

And stare at me,

You can call me childish,

And I will not notice, because I’ll be

In my world of books.

We Are One

city streets by Andrew Ruiz

Picture Taken by: Andrew Ruiz

We are one.

Thousands of people drive these roads we’ve walked.

They shop the shops we’ve shopped.

But they never know the things we’ve thought.

A million taxi cabs take people everywhere,

But those people never see you like I do.

Vendors, streets, towns, buildings:

They never know the reasons we’ve laughed.

Cameras have seen,

People have stared,

But no one knows why

We are one.

It’s Coming


It was coming.

Sweeping the coals of the sky sooner,

Making the sun fall earlier.

I felt it descending.

Crunching under my feet, endless rustling.

The trees shed their coats,

Eager for freedom,

Eager to sport their slender branches.

But now it’s my turn:

To hibernate in my fall coat.

To spread my wings and fly south for the autumnal winter.

Yes, it’s coming.

Bear Lessons

Bear by Thomas Lefebvre

Picture Taken By: Thomas Lefebvre

Standing there looking at me,

Daring me to run:

He growled.

But, no, not today.

I would not run.

I would stand my ground.

This bear could make me scream and shout,

But he could not make me run.

He taught me to stand my ground,

Taught me to live fearless.

Pink Roses


Image Courtesy:


Valentine’s Day was far away.

And so was Spring.

But he brought them to me:

Pink roses.

Setting them on a table in the alley,

He held out the ring.

His words set me free:

Marry me.


Autumn Eyes

Sarah Magnolia:

Truly amazing…

Originally posted on Sea Said:

And in summer’s last breath
I hung the sheets
In the wind
A flag waving
To summer’s end
Perhaps I will sleep
On these kissed
Summer’s sheet
Dreams spun
A cotton sun
I will arise
With autumn in my eyes

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The Stock

stocks 2

I placed it all in you,

I prayed you’d stay true.

But graph lines showed what I feared -

And then you disappeared.

I invested, I waited, I prayed

All you’ve done is failed.

My love, my life, my purpose

Is no longer on the surface.

Buried in debt

That I cannot forget -

You have defrauded me

And there is nothing left of thee.

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