Take it Apart

Broken Pieces by Vadim Sherbakov

Picture Taken by: Vadim Sherbakov Image Courtesy: unsplash.com

Sometimes we need to remember that if we take it all apart we’ll just find pieces.

But underneath people – we find their heart and their desires.

Broken Down

Broken Down by Tom Butler

Picture Taken By: Tom Butler Image Courtesy: unsplash.com

Twenty years after the fact, I went back.

It was overgrown and broken down from neglect

And the mud wasn’t brown – but black.

Everything was such a wreck.

But beauty – beauty is in the broken things,

Even in the things we leave behind.

Looking For You

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Picture Taken by: Caleb George Morris Image Courtesy: unsplash.com

If you pulled back from the world,

And took a second glance at it:

You find yourself alone.

And you wonder what would happen

If you decided not to carry on.

But even I could tell you:

Someone would fall apart.

Because there is always someone looking for you,

No matter how alone you feel.

In Due Time

And in doing good, let us not fail. For in due time we shall reap, not failing.


American Dream

Baseball by Jon Eckert

Picture Taken by: Jon Eckert Image Courtesy: unsplash.com


Some people call it a pastime

And others call it a waste of time.

Yet, it stirs passion inside of us

Even though it can cause such a fuss.

Baseball: it gets old man to tell stories

And young kids to listen to past glories.

It is the American dream.

Weekly Tip: Week 7: Making Time


Image Courtesy: shutterstock.com


Weekly  Tip: Sometimes time flies and just seems to run out.  My father once told me, “Do what you have to do, before you do what you want to do.”  Make time for what you have to do and you’ll find some extra minutes to do what you want.

All These Wishes

Make A Wish by Coley Christine Catalano

Picture Taken By: Coley Christine Catalano Image Courtesy: unsplash.com



We used to make wishes when we were children.

We had hope beyond everything that was ruined.

A dead flower, fading and dying

It made us keep trying.

See – if a dying flower

Could bring other dandelions to life, to power:

Then it could make our wishes

Come true, even if they were a little ambitious.

The Song

The song... official poster

All it took for him was a song.  What will it take for you to realize how much you have??


Weekly Tip: Week 6: Keep It


Image Courtesy: wattpad.com


Weekly Tip: We all make promises… and though the promises can become blurry: all it takes is a little understanding, a little compromise.

No matter what your promise is – keep it.


An Open Book

An Open Book by Alejandro Escamilla

Picture Taken By: Alejandro Escamilla Image Courtesy: unsplash.com


I’d known the woman for years.

Her hands shook from the pain of tears,

But her words were wiser than any proverb,

She knew the best ailments and used all the right herbs.

Old fashioned in her ways,

She taught me how to give praise.

Her words were simple and easy,

Even if her voice was wheezy.

This is what she said,

And it went straight to my head:

Life is an open book

And all you have to do is look

Again when things become unclear

Because sometimes the book is just upside down.

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