Strawberry Dreams

Morning Cereal Jeffrey Deng

Picture Taken By: Jeffrey Deng


Strawberries are pieces of joy captured

On a bright summer day:

They remind me of dreams I haven’t chased,

Dreams that I hold at bay.

Yes, I hold onto  dreams.

Afraid that the red of mistakes

Could stain my life:

Like strawberry juice.

But what I learned is that,

Dreams with a little dirt,

Just need to be washed off:

Like strawberries.

A Possibility

The Morning Jake Givens

Picture Taken By: Jake Givens

With an antique view, I see

Small blades of grass

Covered in pearly dew:

I see a possibility.

With fresh sunshine, I see

Orange drops of splendor.

Radiating in the early morning:

I see a possibility.

With a sapphire bolt of sky, I see

Oceans of endless beauty

Masked in a cloudy mask:

I see a possibility.

What do you see?

Under Pressure

Under Pressure by Jacob Walti

Picture Taken By: Jacob Walti

The world’s got us diving

From all the lying.

It’s got us jumping,

And sinking.

As we fall,

We flail:

The world loses shape

And we cannot escape.

We all are going

Under pressure.

A Canvas

Edge of the Forest by Tim Mossholder

Picture Taken By: Tim Mossholder

White washed over with blue,

And painted by a storms hue,

Understood by a few:

The sky’s a canvas, it’s true.

Blotched over with polka-dots,

And tinged over with grey, stormy spots:

The heaven’s are a mess of cloudy knots.

The sky’s a canvas, full of lots.

Layers of vapor

White as paper,

And pretty as a slipper:

The sky’s a canvas, it couldn’t be simpler.

Nature’s Magic

Hillside by Silvestrie Matteo

Picture Taken By: Silvestrie Matteo

If I told you of a watercolor hillside,

And flowers by the riverside,

If I spoke to you of a tree:

Would you believe me?

Whispers of breeze,

Drops of light,

Completely at ease:

Can you believe me?

Nature’s magic

Speaks volumes of beauty.

It is inspiration at it’s finest:

Do you believe me?

The Mist

Mist by Taylor Leopold

Picture Taken By: Taylor Leopold


I saw it for a minute.

Existing in name only,

Taunting me to come after it.

Pushing my feet closer to the boundary.

The water played with my mind,

The mist took over every part.

I looked harder – but was blind.

I stood taller – but was too short.

Yes, the mist is deceiving.

It pulls you out to sea,

It leaves you wishing,

That you never saw what you see.

Child’s Play



Their job is to fly on swings

And firefly wings.

They have no purpose crying,

Or lying.

Children should read Madeline

And be full of adrenaline.

They have no purpose fighting battles

Or climbing hurdles.

They deserve children’s play

And dreams all day.

They deserve life’s fairytale untainted

Till the last.


Restless by Jan Erik

Picture Taken By: Jan Erik


It pounds in my mind,

Like waves against cliffs.

It crosses every line,

Like water at a rift.

It comes and goes,

Like the wind and the tide.

It cries and laughs,

Like snapping wind.

Love is restless.

A World of Books

Books by Patrick Goethe

Picture Taken by: Patrick Goethe

Spinal infinity,

Paper cuts of eloquence,

Worlds outside my vicinity,

Knowledge that’s tenebrous:

I’ve found these in my world of books.

You can call me outlandish,

And stare at me,

You can call me childish,

And I will not notice, because I’ll be

In my world of books.

We Are One

city streets by Andrew Ruiz

Picture Taken by: Andrew Ruiz

We are one.

Thousands of people drive these roads we’ve walked.

They shop the shops we’ve shopped.

But they never know the things we’ve thought.

A million taxi cabs take people everywhere,

But those people never see you like I do.

Vendors, streets, towns, buildings:

They never know the reasons we’ve laughed.

Cameras have seen,

People have stared,

But no one knows why

We are one.

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