Teaser Trailers…. they’re so awful but so delightful at the same time.  They give you a slight glimpse, but leave you hungry for more.

You Are My Dream

Dream Catcher by Dyaa Eldin

Picture Take by: Dyaa Eldin Image Courtesy:

I told him about my nightmare,

And he gave me a dream catcher.

His words were simple:

“So you can catch your dreams.”

What was he thinking?

Why doesn’t he see?

I don’t need a dream catcher

To catch my dream,

Because it’d already come true.

I pulled him close,

And whispered into his ear:

“You are my dream.”


Something Wrong

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We’re all human, we all make mistakes, and we all need grace.

The Desert of Life

Cracked Earth by Kundan Ramisetti

Picture Taken by: Kundan Ramisetti Image Courtesy:

We drag our problems,

We lock up the hate,

We forget the good

As we travel across the desert.

Our feet drag,

Our mouths complain,

Our dissatisfaction multiplies

As we stumble across the desert.

Hard packed as the earth,

We resist the rain when it falls:

When all we have to do is accept it.

You’d Never Know

Lonely by Sunset Girl

Picture Taken by: Sunset Girl Image Courtesy:


It was cold in the light.

And the sun blinded your eyes

But you’d never know,

Unless you looked.

Her story was a hard one to follow.

She justified her life by others lies.

But you’d never know,

Unless you asked.

On the outside we all look so whole.

Underneath we all have stories:

But you’d never know,

Unless you listened.

Building a Wall

Piece by Piece by Martin Wessely

Picture Taken by: Martin Wessely Image Courtesy:

Sometimes we forget that walls are built one brick at a time, not just overnight.  Just like we forget some things take time before they’re completed.  Wherever you’re at: be patient.  All things get built in time.



Weekly Tip: Week 8: What Are You Going To Do?

Recently I’ve asked myself one question: what am I going to do with the money I make?  And I couldn’t find a good answer, a right motive.

Ask yourself the same question: what are you going to do?

Life is more than money, we shouldn’t be able to put a price tag on it.

Take it Apart

Broken Pieces by Vadim Sherbakov

Picture Taken by: Vadim Sherbakov Image Courtesy:

Sometimes we need to remember that if we take it all apart we’ll just find pieces.

But underneath people – we find their heart and their desires.

Broken Down

Broken Down by Tom Butler

Picture Taken By: Tom Butler Image Courtesy:

Twenty years after the fact, I went back.

It was overgrown and broken down from neglect

And the mud wasn’t brown – but black.

Everything was such a wreck.

But beauty – beauty is in the broken things,

Even in the things we leave behind.

Looking For You

Processed with VSCOcam with x4 preset

Picture Taken by: Caleb George Morris Image Courtesy:

If you pulled back from the world,

And took a second glance at it:

You find yourself alone.

And you wonder what would happen

If you decided not to carry on.

But even I could tell you:

Someone would fall apart.

Because there is always someone looking for you,

No matter how alone you feel.

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