Misty Mountains by Forrest Cavale

Picture Taken By: Forrest Cavale

Mountains cannot climb themselves,

Anymore than a piano can tune itself.

Mountains cannot move themselves,

Anymore than a statue can take a step.

Mountains cannot break apart,

Anymore than the earth can stop spinning.

Mountains cannot do anything,

But teach us how to climb.


Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon by Austin Ban

Picture Taken By: Austin Ban

I stood taller than the mountains,

I have a life without doubting.

My wings are spread and

I don’t need a hot air balloon to reach the clouds.

Tell me what your ambitions are,

Tell me what you want to see,

I’ll take you there:

We don’t need a hot air balloon.

It isn’t about how high you can climb,

It’s about how hard you strive.

Life is about flying, and living to the fullest.

It’s like riding a hot air balloon.



Oranges by Brian Jimenez

Picture Taken By: Brian Jimenez

The shade below is grey,

Marked with citrus scent and emerald moss.

The breeze howls like a dove,

And the sunshine prowls from above.

I pick an orange every day

And find new pleasure in the display.

Peeling the skin back, I bite into the flesh

And smile at it’s refresh.


The Way of Love

Tools by Todd Quackenbush

Picture Taken By: Todd Quackenbush

You can’t fix your heart with a hammer and nails.

Can’t glue it back together like those fishing rails.

It works back together over time, like something on an anvil.

Just standstill.

It’ll be tough, like a new glove,

But in time it’ll soften up.  This is the way of love.

You’ll have to pull your feelings out of the fire,

If it’s true love you want to acquire.

Worlds Apart

people by charlie foster

Picture Taken By: Charlie Foster

How did it come to this?

We’re so close – but worlds apart.

It broke with words of hatred,

Our relationship cracked to the roots.

Our love used to be bliss,

It’s no longer a matter of the heart.

Our past is now jaded.

And I wish our love again from my head to my boots.

Tell me how to fix it,

And I promise I’ll swallow my pride.

Don’t Be Afraid

Processed with VSCOcam with lv02 preset

Picture Taken By: Daniel Ruswick

It wasn’t my business, really.

But you stood on that beach

And didn’t move an inch freely.

I swear the sand sucked you in like a leech.

Too afraid,  your feet stuck in movable cement -

You didn’t ever catch a wave.

I know how well you meant:

But you let fear take you to the grave.

Embrace it.

Follow through with your aspiration.

Let your dream catch fire and light.

Don’t be afraid of what you can’t see in the midst of hesitation.

A Quiet Speed of Life

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Picture Taken By: Caleb George Morris

Speed – how fast we move.

How long it takes you to get in the lead.

How quick you can get somewhere.

It’s what makes up our lives here.

Quiet – too little noise.

Time alone to enjoy.

A schedule of clean slate.

It’s what our lives need in this state.

Slow down your speed,

Make time for the quiet

In this life.



Image Courtesy:

I was a hurricane when you found me.

Destroying everything in my sight,

Spinning in circles until I got too dizzy.

I was just a wreck.

But you took everything

And made it something.

I’m lost without you,

You’re everything that’s true.

Tell me how this can be,

Tell me how you could ever love me.


Leaves by Tirza van Dijk

Picture Taken By: Tirza van Dijk

There’s no stopping you.

You’re a waging wind,

And a powerful chill.

We cannot stop this fall.

The leaves run as I walk,

They scurry and dance on the blacktop,

Until I’m silhouetted by

The colors of autumn.

Flags snap in the wind,

Declaring their indifference.

And it seems that, everywhere I look,

Harvest has come to plant the seeds of winter.

A Daughter’s Voice

departure by vo minh thong

Picture Taken By: Vo Minh Thong

Father, don’t you understand?

I’ve got to leave.

My dreams call me to a different land,

I’ll be alright, just believe.

We all have to grow up, see?

You did it first, and now it’s me.

Papa, I’ll make you proud.

And your sorrow will pass like a cloud and

One day I’ll be back to you,

If only you’ll believe.

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